Women in Film – the beginning

IMG_3364 (1)The aim of this blog is to give space to and develop a critical voice that is sometimes difficult to express in everyday conversations.  It grew out of  a feeling  two of us had about Daranofsky’s Black Swan. The images on screen had made us feel slightly uncomfortable,  weren’t these the worst stereotypical features of femininity playing themselves out;  jealousy, rivalry, self harm and betrayal,  plus the usual lack of diversity?

But perhaps we had missed the point , seemingly, according to reviews , it was just a camp in joke. So how do we talk about the representation of women and men in the complex world of post feminism? What had happened to the female gaze ? Was it now the male gaze all over again ? This talk started more conversations, a group formed and eventually several evenings were hosted as part of the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival  to discuss not only the representation of women in film but also inviting female directors who controlled the shots behind the camera to share this experience.

This blog therefore is to make concrete the discussions that occur in our group, to pursue areas that we find interesting, to record the insights that occur  around this topic and at times showcase films we have made.

Aims for the blog:

  • write about anything currently occurring  surrounding women in film, TV and other forms of media
  • to rediscover a voice, a position, a stance, through the practice of writing and filmmaking
  • Incorporate the ideas, and events that occur in the women in film group which is the wider context to this blog.
  • Create links, share work and ideas

To share ideas, submit reviews or you are interested in women in film, please email or tweet us:

Email: wifse15@gmail.com
Twitter: @WIFSE15

Women in Film Events

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